Meet Amanda P. Wall

         Amanda has been a resident of Florida for the past 31 years and has lived in Tallahassee for almost 25 years. She was born in Chicago, Illinois.  She is a second generation Polish American whose grandparents and great grandparents were born in Poland and immigrated to the United States. Her father was a real estate appraiser and business owner, her mother was a homemaker who raised her and her brother. She is proud of her Polish heritage and has carried on her strong family traditions. She graduated from Loyola University of Chicago in 1986, and DePaul University Law School in 1989.   She was hired by the Honorable Janet Reno in 1989 as an Assistant State Attorney and moved to Miami. 


          Amanda met her husband Albert J. Wollermann in Miami in 1992 when both were prosecutors.   They married in 1993 and moved to Tallahassee in 1995 to begin their family. Her husband has been a civil litigator in Tallahassee for 25 years. Amanda and Albert have raised 4 wonderful and amazing children: Nicholas, who graduated from Florida State University in 2019 is working on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. for members of the U.S. House of Representatives;  Charlotte, a senior at Florida State University graduating Summa Cum Laude in May 2020;  Zachary, an honor student and a sophomore at Florida State University; and Jack who is a freshman and honor student at Chiles High School.   The family has two gigantic dogs, Lucy and Blue. Amanda has been a Leon County School volunteer and community volunteer not just as an attorney and Magistrate but as a mother for the past 20 years.  All four children attended Hawks Rise Elementary school where Amanda would joke with teachers that after volunteering and her children attending the school for 15 years, she should receive a second pension from the State of  Florida.  Amanda has a strong commitment to family, friends, and community.  She and Albert have been married for 27 years.   Her life experience brings an important aspect to her professional experience and qualification for being your Circuit Court Judge.  


Experienced and Well Qualified

          I have a comprehensive knowledge of judicial responsibilities and possess the skills necessary to effectively be a Circuit Judge.   I have presided over more than three thousand cases with both pro se litigants, and those represented by counsel.  Presiding over family law cases necessitates a comprehensive knowledge of multiple areas of the law.  The cases involve legal questions in real estate, trusts, corporations, and tax law, as well as divorce, child support, paternity and domestic violence. Additionally, to perform as a Magistrate I must be well practiced in evidence, procedure, state and federal rules.  I have been afforded a vast amount of experience as a lawyer and Magistrate. I have prosecuted felony level and domestic violence cases, environmental crimes, and was a supervisor for Juvenile Court prosecuting first degree felonies and attempted murder cases.  I will be able to contribute all of this experience to my position as Circuit Judge. 

Proven Ability

          I believe every case is important and that all people, and children, who come to our courthouse deserve respect, patience and full attention.  I have had a demeanor and temperament as a Magistrate that has been effective and respectful. I am diligent to be prepared and I am interested in every case whether presented by counsel or by litigants who represent themselves.  In electing me as your Circuit Judge you would be assured that you have picked the candidate that has already proven the ability to do the job exceedingly well.  Further, and most importantly to me as the candidate, I have a passion to serve you and our community in the law.  I revere and respect our legal system and system of government and serving as a judge, helping the people of our community every day truly fulfills me.  In choosing me for Circuit Judge you will be assured that I will be able to perform the duties of the job immediately and most efficiently and effectively. Further, I am confident that I have the most passion and tempered demeanor for this very public office. I will be privileged and honored when you elect me as your Circuit Judge. 



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